Wet! Wet! Wet! Our racers brave the storm.

Ace Karts on 11 August 2016

It was a courageous night of competition racing as our drivers battled against the elements.

Alex Gilmore of Elevensies ran the fastest lap, in what turned out to be the only dry race of the night. His time was 39.310 seconds, which was only a hair behind his fastest and the fastest of the competition.

Elevensies also won the most points for the night, with a total of 40. Team X and the Snake Pit Stingers weren't far behind though, scoring 35 points and 33 points respectively.

Race 1: Team Jing defeated by Elevensies

comp 2 round 3 race 1

The Elevensies' Alex Gilmore crossed the finish line first. He only narrowly missed out on beating the fastest lap time of the competition so far - a time which he also set.

Team Jing are improving with every race, and despite securing their 3rd loss of the season, they came off of the track smiling. This was the first and only dry race of the night.

Race 2: Team X defeated Team Zoysa

comp 2 round 3 race 2

Our racers were barely off the starting grid when the storm hit, hard. It didn't stop Team X or Team Zoysa though, both teams ran a great wet weather race in very challenging conditions.

Special mention goes to Tony Ismail of Team X who was the first (but not last) racer of the season to earn his 3rd straight win. Congratulations Tony!

Race 3: Skid Marks defeated by Team Ramrod

comp 2 round 3 race 3

Undeterred by the pelting rain and howling wind, Team Ramrod and Team Skid Marks took to the track for a series of properly wet and wild laps. In the finish, there were only 5 points the difference.

Team Ramrod's Russell 'the Enforcer' Kennedy won his third race of the season, making it a hat-trick of three wins in a row. Team Skid Marks' Maruf Ahmed came in a close second.

Race 4: Snake Pit Stingers defeated Eighty Ficks

comp 2 round 3 race 4

The last race of the night was another wild one with the track covered in a thick layer of rain water. Both teams, however, rose to the challenge and drove commanding laps.

The Eighty Ficks' Brett Porter took out his first win, in what was also his very first race of the season, while the Snake Pit Stingers' Erin Darragh secured second place thereby leading his team to victory.

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comp 2 round 3 ladder

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