Our racers end the season with a night of wet and windy racing

Ace Karts on 5 October 2016

Our racers brought their A-Game to what was the last round of the Rapid Finance League Cup 1 season.

Congratulations to David Rees for winning the 2016 Driver's Title. He concluded the racing season with a massive 46 points in total. While Haseeb Kakar won the title of fastest lap of the season with a blistering time of 38.649sec.

Our cup finalists are Driving Miss Daisy, First Timers, Seeker Vromas, and the Leftovers.

Well done to all of our teams for a great season of racing. We can't wait to do it again in 2017.

Race 1: Cavy Racing defeated Live Wrong

comp 1 round 5 race 1

Cavy Racing's Michael Gangi dominated the first race of the night, securing the top spot in both the race qualifier and the race itself. Well done Michael.

Peter Whyte and the Live Wrong team finished their season in style, demonstrating just how much they've improved over the past five races. Great effort guys!

Race 2: Driving Miss Daisy defeated the Big Prix

comp 1 round 5 race 7

Driving Miss Daisy's David Rees got off to a nervous start finishing just 3rd in the qualifier. He bounced back though to take home the race win and the 2016 Driver's Title. What a champ!

The Big Prix's Damien Depassey qualified 5th but managed to battle his way into 3rd in the race. Damien has been a solid driver all year, it was a great way for him to finish the season.

Race 3: Gravel Trap Warriors defeated by Seeker Vromas

comp 1 round 5 race 8

The Seeker Vromas' Benny Lam qualified first and then took home the win in the rain. Ed Ma, also of the Seeker Vromas qualified 6th but clawed back ground to finish 3rd in what was a wet and wild race.

The Gravel Trap Warriors drove a commanding race, ending their first racing season with a fantastic demonstration of driving prowess. We look forward to seeing the whole team in upcoming events.

Race 4: Draftwise defeated When Vtec Kicks in

comp 1 round 5 race 9

Draftwise's Peter Nicolaou claimed the win by a huge 4 seconds, edging out When Vtec Kicks In's Robert Cardillo who came in second.

It was a nail-biter of a race with both teams jostling for the top spots. In the finish though, it was Draftwise that succeeded, winning the race by just 1 point. Well done to both teams on completing the season.

Race 5: First Timers defeated Team Ford

comp 1 round 5 race 10

Driver's championship leader, Simon Arnold of the First timers, was unlucky to lose the title by finishing 4th in the final round of the season. We're sure he'll be keen to make up for the loss in the finals.

Team Ford's Jayson Dryden came 1st with teammate Kyle Boyd right behind him in 2nd. It was a great result for this great team. We look forward to seeing them back on the track in 2017.

Race 6: The Leftovers defeated the Bazingas

comp 1 round 5 race 11

With a spot in the finals on the line, the Leftovers and the Bazingas provided one of the tensest and most exciting races of the season. And, in the end, there was only one point the difference!

It was a great race, but of course, there could only be one winner, and that winner was the Leftovers. SK Rezza led the team to victory, crossing the finish line first and with a 3.411 second lead.

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comp 1 round 5 ladder2

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