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No matter who wins, safety's always first

At Ace Karts, excitement doesn't come at the expense of safety. We're committed to ensuring every driver has a great time and gets across the line safely.

Highest safety standards


    We scoured the globe to find the best karts on the world market. We landed on SodiKart, with their record in safety innovation playing a pivotal role in that decision.

    Imported from France, they are built to the same safety standards imposed on French automobile manufacturers. They also adhere to all Australian karting safety requirements.


    Performed by a specialist kart mechanic. Every kart. Every race. Before and after. We won't start your race until we've checked every one of the 22 karts on the grid.


    Our Rookie Karts are available for kids aged 6 to 11 to learn at their own pace. A reduced top speed of 40km/h makes them easy to handle in any weather. We can even control them remotely for ultimate safety.

    Children as young as 4 can still enjoy the fast-paced excitement of our track. All they have to do is strap into a 2Seater Kart with a parent or guardian over the age of 18.

  • Designed for safety

    While our outdoor track provides an exciting and authentic motorsport experience, it has also been designed with safety in mind - for all weather conditions. There is no track in Australia that contains a greater number of built-in safety features.

    Track supervision

    We conduct regular track walks to check for debris, cracks and other potential hazards. Every race is fully supervised by our professional race marshals, all of whom carry Level-2 first aid accreditation. We also have CCTV cameras monitoring the circuit at all times.

    Grass run-off area

    Spin out on a corner and you'll end up on the grass run-off areas. It's a far safer alternative to tyre-lined indoor race tracks that bounce you back into traffic.

    Eight Metres

    Our track is twice as wide as standard indoor tracks wide; eight metres wide instead of four means there's plenty of space to overtake safely.

    Energy impact absorption systems

    Grass run-off areas are flanked by impact-absorbing barriers. So even if you end up at the track perimeter, your kart will come to a cushioned stop.

  • State of the art safety equipment

    We equip all drivers with top-of-the-range racing helmet and four-point safety harnesses. We are the only karting track in Victoria to use a combination of safety equipment this advanced.

    Comprehensive safety briefing

    Before every race, every racer watches a comprehensive safety briefing video. Our professional racing staff then take you through your kart's basic controls, as well as how to safely handle bends and corners.

    We also ensure younger drivers undergo an extended safety tutorial.

    Ace Karts vigilantly upholds a zero tolerance approach to alcohol and drug intoxication. We require all drivers to have a BAC of 0.00 and we undertake selective breath-testing to enforce it.