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Go-karting Packages

Parties and events at Ace Karts

  • Buck's Parties

    Ready to kick your buck's party plans up a gear? Book an Ace Karts' racing package and get exclusive use of our track and facilities.

  • Corporate Parties

    Function room? Check. Free Wi-Fi? Check. Overtaking the boss at 75km/h? Check.

  • Christmas Parties

    Christmas. It's a time for giving. So why not give your crew an adrenaline rush with an Ace Karts Christmas party?

  • Fundraisers

    Raise money for your charity, team or organisation at Ace Karts.

  • Birthday Parties

    Some people never grow up. They're our kind of people. So book the big kid inside an Ace Karts birthday bash.

  • Kids' Parties

    Grown-ups get to make all the fun decisions. But once they choose Ace Karts as a party venue, it's the kids who are in the driving seat.