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2Seater Kart

Total excitement. Times two.

Some budding racers have the drive for excitement before their feet can reach the pedals. Our 2Seater Kart lets budding racers ride-along with an adult. Passengers can even control the brakes and steering (optional)!

2Seater Kart

2Seater Kart stats

Testimonial from Jamie Whincup

"Ace Karts isn’t just an entertainment venue, it's a motorsport venue. The guys are serious racing enthusiasts – from the front desk to the chassis engineers.

The karts and circuit are really well balanced and reach speeds as good as any other hire kart track I’ve been to.

No matter what your motorsport experience, Ace Karts has exactly what you need to get that motorsport thrill."

jamie whincup autograph

Arrive and Drive

With a format modelled on real life motorsport, Arrive and Drive is as close to pro racing as karting gets.

1 Race

Get a quick fix

1 race session
15 laps avg raced on track
13km avg distance raced
12+ years

2 Races

Favoured by 75% of racers

2 race sessions
30 laps avg raced on track
25km avg distance raced
12+ years

Family Session

Fast-moving families

20 minute race session
25 laps avg raced on track
21km avg distance raced
12+ years
6 - 11 years

Exclusive Races

Racing's more fun with your crew. So call them up. Then call us up. Because at Ace Karts, we have Melbourne's premier private racing experience.

15 - 22 Drivers (Aged 18+)

Suzuka Package

Qualifying Race 10min
Main Race 15min
Avg. Distance 26.25km
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Melbourne Package

Qualifying Race 10min
Race One 10min
Race Two 15min
Avg. Distance 36.75km
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Know of an aspiring race car driver?

Our 2Seater Kart means first-time racers can get in on the fun with a responsible driver's help.

They're fine-tuned by Ace Karts' race engineer to prioritise safety over performance. Because we'd never expect you to trust a kart we wouldn't put our own kids in.

Its dual control system means the passenger can control the steering. Or if you prefer, they can just sit back and enjoy the ride; just let us know and we'll set the passenger steering wheel to "inactive".

Or if you're feeling really adventurous, the 2Seater Kart allows the passenger to control the brakes (though there's no passenger accelerator).

The 2Seater Kart can still reach a respectable top speed of 55km/h. Ideal for a taste of the Ace Karts real life racing experience – without compromising safety.

We can even control the 2Seater Kart remotely for added safety. That equals unbeatable excitement plus total peace of mind.

  • Adjustable colour-coded pedals
  • Adjustable steering wheel
  • Slide-absorber system
  • Safety roll bar
  • Can be controlled remotely for added safety
  • Safety bar fully surrounding kart
  • Adjustable padded bucket seats

The Track

Experience real life racing

Outdoors. Under glowing floodlights. In the rain. Our track captures the excitement of real racing. And it means you'll race exactly as the racing gods intended – in all conditions.

A series of intensifying bends will test the limits of your cornering skills. And a 105m straight will push your kart to its capacity.

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