Wet or dry, the racing doesn't stop!

Ace Karts on 4 August 2016

What started out as a clear, dry night quickly became wet and wild. That didn't stop our racers though.

The Bazingas' Haseeb Kakar secured the fastest lap of the night with a time of 38.649 seconds, narrowly beating out the Leftovers' Casey Mold, who ran a lap in 38.705 seconds.

The First Timers, though, took home the most points for the evening with a total of 38. And, that puts them at the very top of the competition ladder.

Race 1: Cavy Racing defeated by Driving Miss Daisy

comp 1 round 3 race 1

Driving Miss Daisy and Cavy Racing kicked off what was to be a night of close races. Driving Miss Daisy got the win, but Cavy Racing certainly made them work for it!

It was a heated race with both teams hungry for victory. However, in the end, the always quick David Rees of Driving Miss Daisy crossed the finish line first.

Race 2: Gravel Trap Warriors defeated by The Leftovers 

comp 1 round 3 race 2

It was another tight race with plenty of jostling for pole position. The battle of the round goes to the Leftovers' SK Reeza and the Gravel Trap Warriors' Reece Qose; great racing guys!

The Leftovers' Casey Mold finished first in what was his very first race of the season. Was this due to driving skill or beginners luck? Either way, Casey is definitely a racer to watch.

Race 3: Draftwise defeated by Live Wrong

comp 1 round 3 race 3

Live Wrong took home the victory, defeating Drivewise by just one, single point! But, as they say 'win by one point or win by ten, winning is winning.'

Draftwise's Mark Nicolaou, unfortunately, had to retire early, while Live Wrong's Connor Boyle qualified 6th before fighting his way back to secure 2nd place in the race.

Race 4: The First Timers defeat The Bazingas

comp 1 round 3 race 4

No doubt about it, the First Timers dominated this one, winning by 21 points. Their racer Simon Arnold also took home 1st place, the second time he has done so this season.

Special mention goes to the First Timers' Glen Forsyth who qualified 7th but managed to fight through the pack and land 2nd place in the race.

Race 5: Team Ford defeat The Big Prix

comp 1 round 3 race 5

As Race 5 kicked off, the rain began to come in earnest. Both teams should be complimented on how they expertly managed to navigate the track, even in the wet.

It was yet again an extremely tight race with The Big Prix' Damian Depassey finishing 1st, while Team Ford took home 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place.

Race 6: When VTec Kicks In defeated by Seeker Vromas 

comp 1 round 3 race 6

The tarmac was damp and the track slippery, but that didn't stop our racers, they fought through the rain to run a series of blistering laps.

When VTec Kicks In's Rob Cardillo drove a confident race to finish 3rd while the Seeker Vromas' Benny Lam finished 1st in what was the last race of the night.

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comp 1 round 3 ladder

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