It was a wet and wild night of competition racing!

Ace Karts on 8 July 2016

Racing was fast and furious in the wet. There was plenty of slipping and sliding, as well as a bit of drifting!

The First Timers' first timer Glen Forsyth nailed the fastest lap of the night with a time of 51.05. Benjamin Ransom of the Leftovers wasn't far behind though, with a time of 51.474.

But, it was the Bazingas who got the highest score of the night with 38 points and that moved them to the top of the ladder.

Note: as with all real life racing, wet laps typically mean slightly slower times. Rest assured, the racing was just as fierce, but the rain did add a few seconds to each lap time.

Race 1: The Gravel Trap Warriors defeated Cavy Racing

comp 1 round 2 race 1

The Gravel Trap Warriors took out the win, but Cavy Racing were hot on their tail. In one of the best races of the season thus far, the Warriors claimed victory by just 3 points. It was close. Really close!

The star of the race, though, was Sam Lagozzino of the Gravel Trap Warriors. He ran a stunning race and finished with a winning gap of 25 seconds. That's about half a lap in front.

Race 2: Driving Miss Daisy defeated Draftwise

comp 1 round 2 race 2

Draftwise ran a courageous race. Peter Nicolau, in particular, did a great job in securing third place for his team. In the end, though Driving Miss Daisy proved too strong. They took home the win by 11 points.

Barry Rees of Driving Miss Daisy won the top spot, while his brother David (also of Driving Miss Daisy) came in second. Could this be the beginning of a sibling rivalry? We'll see who finishes first next time...

Race 3: The Leftovers defeated by The First Timers

comp 1 round 2 race 3

Glen Forsyth of the First Timers finished first, and it was his first race of the year! Is this a case of beginners luck? Or is Glen real force to be reckoned with? We'll see at the next race.

Dean Dell powered around the track, securing second place early on. He was a little too hungry for victory, though. He lost control and ended up finishing fifth.

Race 4: The Big Prix defeated by Seeker Vromas

comp 1 round 2 race 4

What a race! There was plenty of jostling for the top spot as the Seeker Vromas and the Big Prix battled it out in seriously wet conditions.

Damien Depassey of the Big Prix powered through the qualifier and finished first. But Alan Chung of the Seeker Vromas proved too quick for him in the race. Alan and Damien placed first and second respectively.

Race 5: Bazingas defeated When VTec Kicks in

comp 1 round 2 race 5

The Bazingas dominated the track! They won by a huge margin of 21 points, while their top racer of the night, Arif Jukic, raced like a champion, commanding in both the qualifier and race.

Gracious in defeat, Vtec Captain Rob Cardilo informed the Ace Karts race mentors that Vtec would indeed kick in soon. We'll keep an eye out for that in the next race!

Race 6: Live Wrong defeated by Team Ford

comp 1 round 2 race 6

The track was extremely wet and cold by the last race of the night. But that didn't stop Team Ford and Live Wrong from cutting blistering laps.

Kyle Boyd of Team Ford won the race, but both teams performed very well in the wet. It was a great way to end the night, with all racers impressing with their wet weather skills.

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