It's a tie! For both fastest lap and overall winner.

Ace Karts on 24 June 2016

It’s official! The First Timers and the Leftovers have tied to win the first round of the season.

Both Simon Arnold of the First Timers and Luke Dingli of Team Ford tied for the fastest lap. The two racers equalled each other’s time of 39.392 seconds.

Our first ever female racer was Paula Russo of the Gravel Trap Warriors. She ran a blistering lap, finishing just two seconds off race pace.

round 1 fastest drivers

Race 1: Cavy Racing defeated Draftwise

race 1

Michael Gangi of Cavy Racing was the star of the first race of the season. He claimed victory in both the qualifier and the race.

Not to be outdone, Adrian Blanksby of Draftwise ran a stunner race. He qualified second, fell behind early on, but came back to claim third place.

Race 2: the First Timers defeated the Gravel Trap Warriors

race 2

The First Timers dominated, winning both the race and (equally) the night.

As stated above, Simon Arnold of the First Timers ran an equal fastest lap time. While Paula Russo was hot on Simon’s heels, finishing just two seconds off race pace.

Race 3: Team Ford defeated by Driving Miss Daisy

race 3

Richard John of Driving Miss Daisy was amazingly consistent, taking out the win for the race.

While, Luke Dingli of Team Ford drove a commanding lap, tying for the fastest time of the night.

David Rees of Driving Miss Daisy secured third, after being overtaken by Luke on the last lap.

Race 4: When Vtec Kicks In defeated by The Leftovers

race 4

The Leftovers took home the win and tied for overall round winners.

Rob Carddillo of Vtec Kicks In made an impressive start, qualifying second. However, a costly mistake in the race saw him finish sixth overall.

Race 5: Seeker Vromas defeated Live Wrong

race 5

The Seeker Vromas and Live Wrong proved themselves as serious racers. They both ran an excellent first race, with plenty of jostling for top spots.

A last minute mistake saw Benny Lam of Seeker Vromas lose control on the final turn. He went from third to sixth and finally finished fourth.

Race 6: The Big Prix defeated by Bazingas

race 6

Maruf of the Bazingas made the comeback of the night. After qualifying third, he ran a blistering race, to finish first.

While Aykan Sengoz also of the Bazingas qualified first but managed just forth in the final race of the night.

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