Our racers push it to the limit under a clear night sky

Ace Karts on 9 September 2016

The sky clear and the track dry, the first race of spring, featured ideal driving conditions.

An incredible three teams tied for most points of the night with Driving Miss Daisy, the Bazingas, and Draftwise all scoring a massive 40 points a piece.

Race 1: The Leftovers defeat Cavy Racing

comp 1 round 4 race 1

The Leftovers' Liuey Tai drove a ripping race to kick off the night while also leading his team to victory. Cavy Racing's Michael Gangi ran an impressive race too, finishing up third in the finish.

The Leftovers' Brad Hill wasn't his consistent self, dropping back into the pack, and ultimately placing fifth. We're sure this is only a temporary lapse and he will be back on his game next race!

Race 2: Live Wrong defeated by Driving Miss Daisy 

comp 1 round 4 race 2

Driving Miss Daisy's Doug Hemingway took first place with the Rees brothers (also of Driving Miss Daisy) finishing 2nd and 3rd. Overall, the team dominated the race.

Live Wrong have improved immensely over the course of the competition. Next month, they will no doubt be looking to grab a win in the last round before the finals.

Race 3: Bazingas defeat Gravel Trap Warriors

comp 1 round 4 race 3

Team captain Maruf Ahmed finished first. He and his team drove ferociously, as all of the Bazingas' are determined to secure a top spot on the leader board before the finals.

The Gravel Trap Warriors drove well, but Mitch Orpwood needs more help from his teammates if they are to win a podium spot. Come on Reese Qose & Sam Lagozzino, you can do it!

Race 4: The Big Prix defeated by Draftwise 

comp 1 round 4 race 4

Draftwise came out all guns blazing with their racers taking 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th! That's a full top 5 finish. Congrats also go to Adrian Blanksby who landed the top spot.

Damien Depassey was the first of the The Big Prix to finish, coming in at a fighting 6th. This continues his solid season of racing.

Race 5: Seeker Vromas defeated by First Timers 

comp 1 round 4 race 5

What a race! The First Timers' Glenn Forsyth and Simon Arnold battled for first on every lap. There was plenty of jostling for top position, but in the end it was Glenn that came out on top.

This was the closest race of the night, with only 8 points the difference in the end. Honourable mention goes to The Seeker Vromas' Hanming Huang who finished 3rd.

Race 6: When Vtec Kicks in defeated by Team Ford 

comp 1 round 4 race 6

Luke Dingli was back to his winning best, finishing first in what was another tight race. There was no shortage of action, close calls, and smooth passing.

Rob Cardillo continued his consistent season, coming in for a strong 3rd. In the end though Team Ford proved too quick, taking home the win for the last race of the night.

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comp 1 round 4 ladder

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