No, there are no official go karting weight restrictions

Ace Karts on 31 May 2017

We do not have a go karting weight limit

At Ace Karts, we do not have any specific go karting weight restrictions. If we were to recommend that a driver not participate, it would be based on the individual's:

  • Physique
  • Height and width
  • Whether they can fit comfortably and safely in the go kart

We want everyone to be able to enjoy the thrill of go karting, however, safety always comes first. This is where some go karting weight restrictions may apply.

At an estimate, our go karts can accommodate people up to 140kg. Above this, we may advise against racing. However, again, this will be assessed on a case by case basis.

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How weight affects your lap time

Just like other forms of racing, excluding perhaps the downhill luge, heavier generally means slower.

It's why track day racers spend big bucks on Porches that have fewer features than Toyota Corollas. Fewer features mean less weight, and less weight means a faster lap time. In racing, less is definitely, more.

As a method of compensating for weight differences in kart racing, Sodi Kart the manufacturer of our karts has produced an engine management system (EMS).

This engine management system adjusts the go kart engine electronically, based on the weight of the driver. So, everyone is on a level playing field.

We don't have this technology at Ace Karts presently, but if there's demand, we may implement it in future.

go karting weight support02How heavier drivers can minimise their lap time

While there is no go karting weight limit, heavier drivers definitely do need to put in a little extra to match the lap times of their lighter counterparts.

Heavier drivers should:

  • Drive as smoothly as possible
  • Avoid sliding
  • Not lock up the brakes

Heavier drivers typically accelerate more slowly coming out of each turn. So, if they want to win, they need to really pay attention to maintaining momentum through each twist and turn of the track.

Smaller and lighter drivers have a natural advantage. But, there is no substitute for driving skill. Focusing on controlling the kart and preventing sliding and lock ups is essential for minimising one's lap time.

How heavier racers can show-up their lighter mates

The best way to secure a ripping lap time is by mastering the racing line.

Being a couple of kilos heavier will mean very little if your mates are slipping and sliding all over the track while you're keeping a solid and consistent racing line. Here are three tips for nailing your line.

1. Learn the braking point

The braking point is where you need to brake before entering a corner in order to maximise your entry speed while minimising your chance of overshooting and loss of traction.

Finding the best braking point for each corner on the track takes practice. Learn it, though, and you'll be able to brake later, exit faster and prevent drifting, thereby teaching your mates who's boss.

2. Get the turn-in right

Learning when and where to turn into the corner is an integral part of nailing the racing line. Turn too late and you'll miss the apex. However, if you turn too soon, you'll have to tighten up during the corner.

Like with the braking point, it takes practice. You have to learn the track, as well as how your chosen go kart handles its turns. Get it right, though, and you'll shave valuable split seconds off of your lap time.

3. Pay attention to the apex

Sometimes known as 'the clipping point', the apex is the point closest to the inside of the corner. It's the place where you need to reduce steering lock and increase acceleration.

Get the apex right and you'll power out of the corner and onto the following stretch, picking up plenty of speed as you do so. This will get you into the best possible position on the straights.

go karting weight support

"There aren't any official go karting weight restrictions at the Ace Karts track."

There is no go kart weight limit on our track

Forget about a go kart weight limit, and focus on what really matters, the racing. At Ace Karts, we've got one of Australia's most exciting outdoor go kart tracks, including a 105m straight that'll test your limits.

We've also got super karts capable of 75km/h, plenty of twists and turns, and we stay open, rain or shine. It's as close as you can get to pro racing without a fireproof suit. Come cut a few laps with us today.

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