Are you brave enough to try outdoor go karting in Melbourne at night?

Ace Karts on 16 March 2017

  • Racing at night could get you a quicker lap time
  • Go karts love cool air and warm tarmac
  • Tame your inner caveman to get the best lap time at night

Night go karting in Melbourne - the ultimate thrill

Indoor go karting is for wimps. Real racers race in real world conditions. That means under rain, hail and snow. And, more importantly, under sunlight and under the stars.

Ever see a Le Mans 24 Hours racer pull over because the sun went down? No. Of course not. Real racers put the pedal to the metal, during the day and during the night.

That's why at Ace Karts, we regularly keep the track open late. So Aussie racers can experience outdoor go karting in Melbourne at night. It's the ultimate thrill.

Here's what you need to know before you head to the track for some exciting after-dark action.

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Racing at night could shave a split second off your lap time

Race car engines love cold night air, and go karts are no different.

Cold night air brings in more oxygen (denser air) into the combustion chamber. It also increases airflow as the cooler air can be absorbed more easily. What does that mean? It means your engine can run more efficiently and therefore you'll most likely see a slight bump in power.

The difference may result in a lap time that's only a few tenths of a second faster. But, as I'm sure you're aware, a tenth of a second can mean the difference between winning and finishing second-best.

Warm day, cool night, the perfect combination

Engines love cool air and cold nights. Your karts tyres, though? Not so much.

Tyres want hot tarmac. It increases grip and prevents slides. So you can stay on the racing line and avoid understeer and oversteer, which are both antitheses to a fast lap time.

Therefore, the ideal time for a perfect lap is during a cool night after a warm day. The tarmac will retain the heat of the day, which the tyres will love while the engine will adore sucking in all that cool night air.

Fortunately, we regularly get these perfect conditions for night go karting in Melbourne because the city has a reputation for weather that's boiling hot one minute and freezing cold the next. Finally! A good use for Melbourne's unpredictable weather!

Visibility, what to know

When it comes to outdoor go karting in Melbourne during the day, your lighting conditions can vary considerably. A bright summer's day can lead to glare, whereas a clouded sky can mean darker conditions and lower visibility. Either way, drivers may have to adjust their technique to suit.

At night, the Ace Karts track is illuminated by powerful floodlights as well as the LED headlights on the front of each go kart. This means much more consistent lighting with fewer lighting variables.

It's rain that can mix things up. A night race with rain pelting down is perhaps the most difficult racing conditions as visibility can be so poor. There are no windscreen wipers on a go kart helmet so things can get hectic, fast.

The best racers know how to drive in all conditions. The more you practice in difficult situations, the better of an all-round racer you will become. Wet weather racing requires a different approach, but it can be another great challenge for anyone looking to become a racing champion.

Tame the inner beast

Thousands of years of evolution taught our ancestors to watch out at night. Because back in early man's days you never knew when a lion was going to leap out of the blackness and eat your face off. While times have since changed, humans, remain hard-wired to beware the dark.

That's why, at night, our brain chemistry changes. Hormones kick in. Adrenaline is more likely to be triggered. The brain becomes anxious and ready for danger. Just ask anyone who's walked home alone at 2am. You hear someone walking behind you a little too quickly and your hairs immediately stand on end.

Well, racing at night is no different, your body will be on edge, it'll be ready for fight or flight.

That might make night go karting more exciting, but it's something you need to conquer if you're going to set that perfect lap time. You need to steady your breath and be cool, calm, and collected.

night comp 1 round 2 hero

Wind chill and preparing for your race

During the cooler months, things can get decidedly chilly on the track, especially at night.

At Ace Karts, our go karts can go as fast as 75km/h down the main straight. Imagine cold winter air rushing past you at that speed. The wind chill can be icy.

So remember to always dress appropriately for night racing. We recommend thermals, woollen socks and gloves for cold nights. Jumpers should be sufficient for warmer summer nights.

Should the rain kick in, wet weather suits are available for $6.50 from the pits. However, the suits are not compulsory. It's left up to the driver's discretion whether they want to wear them or not.

"We regularly get perfect conditions for night go karting in Melbourne."

Ready to take on a night lap?

The Ace Karts track is the place for outdoor go karting in Melbourne, and yes we proudly offer both day and night time racing. So our racers can challenge themselves in all conditions.

Our Super Karts are some of the most exciting racing machines in Victoria. Put your foot down and you'll hit up to 75km/h. This is real racing. Real fast. Real thrilling.

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