6 of the worst bucks party ideas (and what you should do instead)

Ace Karts on 16 March 2017

Avoid potentially disastrous bucks party events. Try these instead.

Bucks parties are an Aussie tradition. They're a night, day or weekend out that men will remember for the rest of their soon-to-be wedded lives. They're also, and let's be honest here, a pain in the ass to organise. Something you'll be aware of if you're a best man or mate attempting to arrange a bucks party right now.

Getting two dozen rowdy mates together, all in one place, at one time is surprisingly difficult. As is preventing Joshie, Jordy and Smithie from hitting the tequila slammers before the buck even arrives.

We get it. Arranging a killer bucks party is hard. But, luckily, we're here to help with some great alternative bucks party ideas.

Here are the bucks party events you should (absolutely) avoid and what you should do instead.

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6. DON'T: Plan an overseas trip

Look. We all love Bali. It's where Australians go to soak up the sun, drink cheap cocktails and generally make fools of themselves with other Aussie tourists. It's the place for parties, fun with your mates, and regrettable 3am tattoos.

But, as stated above, getting a group of blokes together for a bucks is difficult enough without involving international travel. Throw in potentially expired passports, delayed flights, and visa issues, and you've got a recipe for disaster.

You'll also blow all of your money on the airfares, leaving little for activities. So, while overseas bucks party events can seem like a good idea on paper, in reality, you're probably better off doing something a little closer to home.

What to do instead: Go out in Melbourne

This isn't exactly the most innovative of bucks party ideas, but it's true none-the-less.

Melbourne is packed full of great things to do on your bucks night, and unlike with an overseas trip, all it'll cost you to get there is the price of a taxi - and not even that if you hire a hotel room in the city.

So, for your buck's party, don't travel further than your forefathers did in their entire lifetime. Grab the crew and do it properly, right here in your own backyard. It'll be cheaper, easier and, hell, more fun anyway.

bucks party supportive image

5. DON'T: Go paintballing

This will be a controversial one. Paintball is a lot of fun. We're not denying that. A day out with mates and paintball can be an absolute blast. Just not for bucks party events.

Why you may ask?

Because at a bucks party, all the boys target the buck, for everything. And paintballs hurt. Which is funny at the time, but less funny when the buck rocks up to the big day, black and blue with bruises. That is if they make it to the wedding at all. For example, check out this news story about a stag who was hospitalised for a week after taking a paintball to the knackers.

In fact, it's good to have a blanket rule: avoid bucks party ideas that put the groom (or his manhood) in mortal danger. This includes, but it not limited to, horse riding, motorbike racing, and parkour classes.

What to do instead: Shoot zombies

The good thing about zombies is that you can shoot them anywhere and everywhere without fear of them missing their wedding day due to swollen clangers.

While zombies don't technically exist, Zero Latency in North Melbourne provides the next best thing. It's a warehouse fitted out with the latest virtual reality technology. You and your mates simply strap on a VR headset, grab a super-accurate light-gun and blast away until your hearts are content.

It's one of the best bucks party events and the most realistic zombie experiences you can get, short of an actual zombie apocalypse actually breaking out during your bucks party.

zero latency group short

Image courtesy of Zero Latency

4. DON'T: Go indoor go-karting

When it comes to bucks party ideas, go-karting is a time honoured bucks tradition.

Unfortunately, racing go-karts inside is a bit like that other bucks party tradition, strippers, if the strippers removed only their socks and instead of dancing they read you stock prices from the Financial Review.

Sure, they're still technically 'strippers', but it's not very exciting is it? Well, that's indoor go-karts for you.

What to do instead: Do real go-kart racing (outdoors)

Give your buck the ride of his life, before he commits to his ride for life.

Outdoor go-kart racing is fast, furious, exciting and adrenaline pumping. It's also one of the best bucks party ideas for before you hit the town. You can't drive if you've been drinking, so it's a good way to keep the lads sensible, at least until the sun goes down.

Outdoor go-karts, such as the ones at Ace Karts can hit speeds of up to 75 km/h, and the track they race on is wide and lengthy. So unlike on an indoor track, you won't lap the thing in under 30 seconds.

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3. DON'T: Do anything that involves social media

There used to be a rule regarding bucks party events: what happens on a bucks, stays on a bucks. Unfortunately, that rule got lost somewhere between the advent of Facebook and Instagram.

So, we'll say it here, once and for all.

Dressing up in a mankini and strutting your stuff to the song 'I'm sexy and I know it' out front a Maccas at 3am is fine. It's one of the all time great bucks party ideas. Filming it, and posting the video to Facebook where family members, future employers and worst of all the soon-to-be bride can see it is not okay.

Rule one for bucks party events should be, phones off, no photos, no evidence left behind.

What to do instead: Commit the best stuff to memory

Okay. The 'what happens on a bucks night stays on a bucks night' rule doesn't apply to mates.

Of course, years later, when you're at the pub with your oldest friends you want to be able to bring up the time the buck got ridden around Dave's lounge room by the dominatrix strip-o-gram.

The best bucks stories last a lifetime. So, don't be that guy who wakes up the day after a bucks with nothing but a vague grey blur to remind them. Have some drinks, but don't turn the bucks party events into a mind blank.

2. DON'T: Go to a strip club

Jokes. It's a bucks party. Of course you're going to a strip club! We'll even help get you there.

1. DON'T: Go to the casino

If there's one way to burn through your entire bucks party events budget in one hour, it's by visiting the casino. Drinks, revelries and the boys are basically how casinos make their money. So, unless you want to wind up with no shirt and a grand in credit card debt, look elsewhere for bucks party ideas.

Some bucks even go to the trouble of flying to Las Vegas to celebrate 'The Hangover' style. If this is you, remember to leave your return flight ticket in the hotel room. You don't want to wake up in the morning and discover you lost it on a bad hand of blackjack.

What to do instead: Go somewhere nice to eat (no really)

Something that rarely gets thought of, when people think of bucks party ideas, is what to eat. And this shouldn't be the case. Even at a bucks, 'dinner' shouldn't be a questionable 3am kebab.

If you're heading out for a wild set of bucks party events, you need a good meal to get you started - and no 'beer' is not a healthy, sustaining meal. You need something that's going to give you the strength to last the day, night, or weekend.

So, instead of blowing your money at the casino, start the night out with a nice meal or a pub meal or even the humble barbecue. Something. Anything to line your stomach. Trust us. You'll be thankful you did.

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