Washed out? Here are the best wet weather activities for thrill seekers in Melbourne.

Ace Karts on 7 December 2016

The thrills don't stop for a little rain

Melbourne is known for its 4-seasons in 1-day weather. Days that start out sunny and fine can become wet and wild in a heartbeat. And that can quickly put a damper on your plans.

Luckily, there's still plenty of things to do in Melbourne when the weather turns bad. But what if you're after something that gets your blood pumping? Well, you're covered for that too.

Here are nine high-adrenaline activities in Melbourne, for when the wild weather grounds your sky-diving plane or cancels your bungee jump.

9. Battle zombies at Zero Latency

Ever wanted to battle off a zombie hoard in a post-apocalyptic setting? Now you can!

Situated in a warehouse in North Melbourne, Zero Latency combines cutting-edge virtual reality technology and good old fashioned light-guns to create a live-action videogame.

zero latency group

Image courtesy of Zero Latency

With 400 square metres of game space to roam with friends, and a fully fleshed-out digital world to explore, this is as immersive and thrilling as virtual battles come.

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8. Zipline through the Dandenongs

Bec activityIf you like the smell of the rain, make the most of it out in the gorgeous Dandenong Ranges.

Trees Adventure is Australia’s Biggest Tree Ropes and Ziplining Attraction. Glen Harrow Park in Belgrave features exciting aerial challenges strung together high up in the beautiful treetop canopy of the Dandenong Ranges near Puffing Billy Railway

Spend 2.5-hours weaving through the canopy between some of the world’s rarest trees! Trees Adventure will have everyone from 4-75yrs+ swinging, leaping and ziplining through the forest choosing from 2m low easy courses up to 15m high adrenaline filled ones. Bookings are essential!

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7. Swim with the sharks at Melbourne Aquarium

Get up close and personal with a few man-eaters.

The 'Shark Dive Xtreme' experience lets you scuba dive with a range of sharks and other aquatic life. No diving experience is required; after a brief training session, you're good to go.

shark swim

Image courtesy of Sea Life

Remember to check whether the sharks have been fed beforehand (just in case).

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6. Cut a wet lap at Ace Karts

A little rain never stopped the V8 supercars, so why should it stop you?

Mastering this 700m go kart track in the wet takes real guts. The karts are capable of speeds of up to 75km/h and that makes powering around every slippery twist and turn a real heart-stopper.

track and karts

This isn't your tame, run-of-the-mill indoor go karting, this is balls-to-the-wall real racing. So strap on a wet weather suit and show your mates who's boss.

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5. Escape the Escape Room

escape room couchYou and your mates. One room. Your only goal is to escape.

Escape rooms pit you and your friends against a series of fiendish puzzles and a ticking timer. Escaping before the clock hits 0 requires teamwork, ingenuity, and quick-thinking.

Rooms include simulations of collapsed mines, magic emporiums, and burlesque bars.

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4. Go ghost hunting at Old Melbourne Gaol

Is there a better time for ghost hunting than during a wet and wild evening?

Take a Ghost Tour of the Old Melbourne Gaol and hear the creepiest stories that this grim piece of Australian history has to offer. Includes a tour of the cells, gallows, and general prison spaces.

ghost tours gaol

Image courtesy of Old Melbourne Gaol

Even if you're a non-believer, you're sure to enjoy learning about this unique part of Australia's heritage. And, who knows, you might just see something that changes your mind...

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3. Get a workout at Hardrock

Missed your weekly cardio? Get your heart rate up at Hardrock indoor climbing.

There's a range of rock-walls to choose from depending on your experience and fitness level. Though, whichever you choose you're sure to get a solid session, with each muscle getting a good workout.

hard rock climbing

Image courtesy of Hard Rock

Gear is provided, just remember to wear shoes suitable for climbing and exercise.

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2. Take a walk on the Edge at the Eureka Skydeck

Get a thrill while enjoying the best view of Melbourne's cityscape.

eureka tower skydeck

Image courtesy of Eureka Tower

The Edge is a completely glass cube (walls, ceiling, floor, everything). It extends from the 88th floor of the Eureka Tower and suspends you nearly 300 metres over the city.

And, afterwards, you can nip by the kiosk for a beer with a view.

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1. Stick it to gravity at Bounce

Get amongst more than 100 interconnected trampolines at Bounce's spring-loaded urban playground.

It's a place where hard surfaces are replaced with sponges, airbags and springs. That means there's nothing to distract you from the wall-running, slam-dunking, and gravity-defying leaps.

bounce banner

Image courtesy of Bounce

You can also get a team together for Melbourne's most extreme game of dodgeball.

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"Perfect for when the wild weather grounds your sky-diving plane or cancels your bungee jump."

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