Our racers battle it out for a spot in the finals

Ace Karts on 14 October 2016

It was a great night of racing with all teams doing their best to secure a spot in the finals.

Congratulations to Team X's Tony Ismail and Team Ramrod's Russell Kennedy. The pair tied for the 2016 Driver's Title.

The Elevensies' Alexander Gilmore won the title of the fastest lap of League Cup 2 with a lightning fast lap time of 39.083 seconds.

Our cup finalists will be Team X, the Snake Pit Stingers, Elevensies and Team Ramrod.

Race 1: Team Zoysa defeated by Eighty Ficks

comp 2 round 5 race 1

The Eighty Ficks' Brett Porter kicked off the night with a commanding performance. He won both the qualifier and the race to deliver the first double win of the night.

Team Zoysa's Asela Zoysa battled hard, and came in 2nd, finishing 5 seconds behind Brett. Neal Cook was unlucky, qualifying 4th but only managing to claim 7th in the race.

Race 2: Elevensies defeated Snake Pit Stingers

comp 2 round 5 race 2

The Snake Pit Stingers' Erin Darragh led his team from the front of the pack. He took out the top spot by only 0.575 seconds, narrowly besting the Elevensies' Alex Gilmore.

Despite Erin's valiant performance, it was the Elevensies that scored the most points, winning the race overall. Both teams will compete in the finals next month.

Race 3: Team X defeated Skid Marks

comp 2 round 5 race 3

Team X's Tony Ismail bounced back from the previous round to secure 1st place in the third race of the night. Skid Marks delivered a great performance too, but in the end it was Team X that took home the win.

Tony's victory put him atop the driver's title ladder, pending the result of the final race.

Race 4: Team Ramrod defeated Team Jing

comp 2 round 5 race 4

Russell Kennedy ran a fantastic race, finishing in 1st place for Team Ramrod. That win also put Russell equal 1st with Team X's Tony Ismail for the Driver's title.

League Cup 2 Ladder

comp 2 round 5 ladder

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