Here are the not so frequently asked questions about Ace Karts

Ace Karts on 16 May 2017

Ever wondered how much money you would need to build your own go kart track? Here’s a hint: The Sheik of Dubai has one at his palace so you would need a bit of spare change.

Perhaps you have a budding race car driver on your hands but aren’t sure how old they need to be to race, or maybe you want to know where the best go karting track is in Melbourne.

While the Google gods can give you this wisdom, we’ve done the hard work for you and compiled a list of 10 things you didn’t know about go karting.

1. What’s more fun – Luna Park or go karting at Ace Karts?

night comp 1 round 2 hero

Watch out, David Hasselhoff, there's a new night rider in town

Would you prefer to:

  1. Pay $10.95 for a single ride that lacks a thrill and only lasts a few minutes at best, OR
  2. Pump up the adrenaline at Melbourne’s most challenging go kart track and put everything on the line as you experience wheel-to-wheel racing and battle it out for motorsport glory.

Psst…the answer is obviously Ace Karts – it offers the best karting experience in Melbourne!

2. How much does a go kart track cost to build?

The Ace Karts track was first built back in 1994 but has since undergone a number of upgrades, including the installation of lights for night racing, so we are talking costs that run well into seven figures.

3. How long does it take to build a go kart track?

The original construction of the Ace Karts facility was completed over several months, but the most recent track upgrade and resurface took just two weeks.

Ace Karts Track

700 meters, seven technical turns, eight meters of drifting space, and if you're lucky, the opportunity to do it all again in the other direction

4. What makes a good go kart track?

Picture 700 metres of explosive racing through seven technical turns designed to test your driving skills and push you to your limits. Now, imagine the intense overtaking opportunities on a track that boasts eight metres of width and a grid capacity of 22 karts.

Tyre Pile Supporting

The secret to safety: recycling, and a lot of it

Oh, and did we mention that Ace Karts is bi-directional? So, on special occasions you can have two different racing experiences. That doesn’t just make a good go kart track, that makes an awesome go kart track.

5. How do you make a go kart track safe?

You probably already know that tyre walls are an important safety component of any race track, but did you know that Ace Karts uses over 4,000 old tyres to construct their safety barriers? That’s a lot of rubber!

The used tyres are sourced from the Australian Supercars category, so you may find yourself brushing up against racing royalty like Craig Lowndes or Mark Winterbottom – or at least their old tyres.

6. How old do you need to be to drive a go kart?

To drive a go kart you need to be older than six years of age, but at Ace Karts we don’t want the littlies missing out on all the fun. Our two-seater karts offer kids as young as four the opportunity to be a passenger with an adult – they can even control the brakes and steering.

7. What sort of karts can I race at Ace Karts?

Ace has three different types of kart, perfect for new drivers, speed demons and families.

  1. If your budding racer is aged six to eleven, our Rookie Kart is the perfect machine for beginners. With a top speed of 40km/h, they’ll have the power and speed to keep them entertained.
  2. For the big kids, 12 and up, the Super Kart will satisfy their inner racer with a top speed of 75km/h.
  3. If your legs can't reach the pedals yet, our 2Seater Kart is perfect to let a budding racer ride-along with an adult, at a top speed of 55km/h.

8. What mechanical items are banned from go karts?

It may surprise you to learn there are a number of common road and race car items that the do not exist in go karts. In fact, the Karting Australia Rules ban the following from go karts:

  • Rear Wheel Steering
  • Front Wheel Drive
  • Suspension
  • Mirrors
  • Telemetry and Radio Communication (unless specifically allowed by the karting class)

9. Who invented the first go kart?

The evolution of the go kart began in 1956 when a race car builder by the name of Art Ingels and his neighbour Lou Borelli built the world’s first go kart in the USA. Ingels later became known as the ‘father of karting'.

10. What is the secret to a fast lap time?

Some karting experts would argue that the secret to a fast lap time is all about the way you exit the corner. Others would say you need to find the perfect racing line. But here at Ace Karts we can tell you that the secret to setting a fast lap time is… don’t crash!

Try the best go karting in Melbourne

So, now you know everything about go karting it’s time to book a race with your friends and family.