Announcing our League Cup Winners for 2017: Team Elite and Second Timers

Ace Karts on 18 December 2017

A hearty “congratulations!” to all of our finalists. It’s no easy feat to reach the finals, but as we’ve just witnessed, only the best can make it this far!

Naturally, there can only be one winner per league. For this year, the honour for League Cup 1 goes to Team Elite, and forLeague Cup 2, it’s to Second Timers. Well done to both teams – you earned your place in our hall of fame!

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What a fitting end to the season, with last year’s winners just losing out after going back-to-back with rivalries Team Elite.

Our winners take home cold hard cash prizes - $500 to be precise – as well as bragging rights. They also get their names on the League Cup trophy and an exclusive place on the Ace Karts honour board. Pride. Glory. Cash. What more could you ask for?

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What an incredible grand finale! Team Elite set the pace, with Casey Mold and Jamie Russell taking the top two positions in qualifying.

The final was indeed a nail-biter, with Team Elite taking the qualifying advantage over Simon Arnold (from Second Timers), setting up their race win to take out the League Cup Final for 2017.

Rapid Finance League Cup Recap 2017

Round 1Special Mentions
Race 1: Team Elite (26) defeated by Second Timers (29) Simon Arnold (ST) got the final lead
Race 2: Driving Miss Daisy (40) defeated Team Ivan (15) Michael Gangi (DMD), placed top spot in qualifier and the race
Race 3: Elevensies (26) defeated by Trinity Racing (29) Arthur Lee (TR) took the top spot
Round 2 
Race 1: Driving Miss Dasiy (30) defeated Elevensies (25) Michael Gangi (DMD), placed top spot in qualifier and the race
Race 2: Second Timers (39) defeated Trinity Racing (16) Viv Dilkes-Frayne (ST) qualifying with the fastest lap at 38.671 seconds
Race 3: Team Elite (40) defeated Team Ivan (15) Gavin Fitzpatrick (TV) scored a race lap of 39.218 seconds
Round 3 
Race 1: Team Ivan (15) defeated by Elevensies (40) No nasty collisions took place
Race 2: Team Elite (38) defeated Trinity Racing (17) Casey Mold (TE) took out the qualifying and race double
Race 3: Second Timers (33) defeated Driving Miss Daisy (22) Viv Dilkes-Frayne (ST) had the fastest lap at 38.722 seconds
Round 4 
Race 1: Elevensies (26) defeated by Team Elite (29) Kevin Che (TE) had the fastest lap at 38.413 seconds
Race 2: Trinity Racing (26) defeated by Driving Miss Daisy (29) SK Rezza (TR) took the win
Race 3: Second Timers (38) defeat Team Ivan (17) Viv Dilkes-Frayne (ST) took the win.

Thank you to all of our racers

A big thank you to all the drivers who participated in the Rapid Finance 2017 League Cup. You made League Cups 1 and 2 such a blast, and without you, none of this would have been possible.

From all of us at Ace Karts, we hope you have a safe and happy New Year’s, and we are looking forward to seeing you all back on the track in 2018.

Rapid Finance proudly sponsors the Rapid Finance League Cup.