Back in January 2017, history was made here at Ace Karts when the fastest lap ever was recorded.

Ace Karts on 6 October 2017

It was a fine sunny day in January 2017. Conditions were picture perfect with no clouds in sight. In the late afternoon, a young racer by the name of Preet Singh entered the premises. A regular rev-head at Ace Karts, Preet was primed and ready to race. Little did he know that he was about to make history.

Negotiating every turn at break-neck speed, this young racer displayed fine form from the get-go. His vehicle of choice? Our custom-made Super Kart. Powered by a finely-tuned Honda engine, this beast of a go-kart is capable of reaching top speeds of up to 75km/h. So needless to say, it wasn't just luck on his side. Taking advantage of the kart's highly-responsive handling, Preet was able to navigate around every corner and turn with finesse and skill that would put even the most seasoned kart racing veterans to shame.


  • Top speed - 75km/h
  • Lap record - 37.63s
  • Average lap time - 41.00s
  • Min. driver age - 12
  • Min. driver height - 145cm

Recording a time of 37.63 seconds, this instantly granted Preet an induction into the hall of fame for Ace Kart's fastest lap times. Check out the fastest lap times ever recorded in our hall of fame page along with some super kart handling tips to help you get to the top of the podium. Here you can also compare your efforts with the fastest lap times recorded for the month to see how some of our regular racers are faring.

How did Preet do it? It takes time, dedication, and passion to be one of the greatest here at Ace Karts. Like any professional racer, it's always best to familiarise yourself with the track. Ace Karts is home to one of Melbourne's most challenging outdoor go-kart tracks.

Pay special attention to the notes we've left on our go-kart track page, and you'll be well on your way to greatness. You can also check out our pro tips video with step-by-step instructions on how to negotiate each turn. The closer you get to mastering each turn, the faster your lap times will be!

Super Kart handling tips

track diagram

Track diagram

Follow our pro tips on racing with a Super Kart, and you too could be notching up record lap times.


You should feel nice and secure in the seat while being able to reach the pedals and steering wheel comfortably.


Our go-karts are operated with both feet. So make sure you don’t try to accelerate and brake at the same time. That’s a very bad idea. Use one foot at a time.


Avoid shifting your weight forward as this can negatively affect the kart’s handling.


Karts are designed to lift the inside rear wheel to turn, make sure you stay still when driving to keep the go-kart from spinning out.


The go-kart track get get slippery when wet! The key to wet weather driving is to keep it smooth, break gently and use the 'karting line'. The outside line on the track offers more grip in the wet.


The controls work better when you're not trying to fight them. Keep it smooth and slide less for good lap times.

Practice makes perfect

If you ever wanted to be as fast as our Hall of Famers, there's plenty of race session options available. Invite your mates to come on down with you and try out one of our arrive and drive race sessions. If you want to take your go-karting experience to the next level, you and your mates can compete in the League Cup.

This exclusive racing league offers a realistic racing experience where you can test your mettle against rival racing teams. Racing teams also get the exclusive option of booking a team coaching session.

So what are you waiting for? Book a race session today and see if you've got what it takes to beat the best of the best. Who knows? With plenty of practice, you could become the next Ace Karts Hall of Fame inductee!