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Super Kart handling tips


You should be nice and tight in the seat while being able to reach the pedals and steering wheel comfortably. 

One foot at a time

Go-karts at Ace are operated with both feet. So make sure you don’t try to accelerate and brake at the same time. That’s a very bad idea. Use one foot at a time.

Lean back

Avoid shifting your weight forward as this negatively affects the kart’s handling.


Karts are designed to lift the inside rear wheel to turn, make sure you stay still when driving to keep the kart from spinning out.

Driving in the rain

The key to wet weather driving is to keep it smooth, break gently and use the 'karting line'. The outside line offers more grip in the wet.

Be cool

The controls work better when you're not trying to fight them. Keep it smooth and slide less for good lap times.

  • 1

    Turn 1

    Brake in to turn 1 and exit the corner in the middle of the track to set up turn 2.

  • 2

    The Cutback

    Keep the kart to the left on the apex and keep the throttle smooth on exit.

  • 3

    Northern Loop

    This turn has a constant radius, so keep your line nice and smooth, sticking to the right-hand side of the track.

  • 4


    Very hard left-hander – go in hard and accelerate flat-out to stop the rear end from sliding. Stick to the right-hand side and keep your line as smooth as possible as this is a constant-radius turn.

  • 5

    The Abyss

    Keep the kart as straight as you can then turn hard to the right.

  • 6


    Stick to the right to set yourself up a double-apex left-hander. Brake smoothly and exit in the middle of the track.

  • 7

    Sonic Corner

    Constant radius right hander. Use all of the exit to the white line.

Arrive and Drive

With a format modelled on real life motorsport, Arrive and Drive is as close to pro racing as karting gets.

1 Race

Get a quick fix

1 race session
15 laps avg raced on track
13km avg distance raced
12+ years

2 Races

Favoured by 75% of racers

2 race sessions
30 laps avg raced on track
25km avg distance raced
12+ years

3 Races

For motorsport purists

3 race sessions
54 laps avg raced on track
38km avg distance raced
12+ years

Family Session

Fast-moving families

20 minute race session
25 laps avg raced on track
21km avg distance raced
12+ years
6 - 11 years

Exclusive Races

Racing's more fun with your crew. So call them up. Then call us up. Because at Ace Karts, we have Melbourne's premier private racing experience.

15 - 22 Drivers (Aged 18+)

Suzuka Package

Qualifying Race 10min
Main Race 15min
Avg. Distance 26.25km
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Melbourne Package

Qualifying Race 10min
Race One 10min
Race Two 15min
Avg. Distance 36.75km
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