A brisk evening welcomes the teams of the 2017 League

Ace Karts on 7 July 2017

Welcome back to another season of League racing! The night kicked off with familiar faces mixing with some new arrivals to the league. And in typical Melbourne fashion, chilly weather awaited the drivers on the track.

Things warmed up once the racing got started. Driving Miss Daisy had the biggest win of the night, finishing with a decisive 40 points – an impressive 25 over their first opponent, Team Ivan.

The other two races came down to a knife's edge. Last year’s League champions Second Timers won by a narrow 3 points, while Trinity Racing beat Elevensies, also with a slim 3-point margin.

It was a great night for a fast time – and a sure sign of things to come.

Race 1: Team Elite defeated by Second Timers


Last year’s champions, reincarnated as the 'Second Timers', once again graced the Ace Karts track. The boys went head-to-head with a formidable foe in Team Elite.

The underdogs put up a good fight but failed to keep their grip on victory, narrowly missing out on the race win by a mere 3 points.

While Simon Arnold from Second Timers qualified third, he drove a focused race to get the final lead, winning by a very narrow 0.394sec over Casey Mold from Team Elite.

Race 2: Driving Miss Daisy defeated Team Ivan


The second race was a decisive victory for Driving Miss Daisy, a team showing real promise in the League. The new boys on the block, Team Ivan, unfortunately, were too slow to find their groove. Driving Miss Daisy powered ahead to finish on a 25 point lead.

It was a great start to the season for Michael Gangi from Driving Miss Daisy. His sharp skills out on the track earned him a double win, placing the top spot in both the qualifier and the race.

No doubt Team Ivan will be keen to improve and bounce back from their first round. But it’s still early days in the League, with plenty more surprises in store.

Race 3: Elevensies defeated by Trinity Racing


The third and final race took an unexpected turn as Arthur Lee from Trinity Racing came out on top. After coming fifth in the qualifier, Lee floored it in the final race to take the top spot.

Meanwhile the top qualifier, Alex Gilmore from Elevensies, was unfortunate to finish the race in second place. No doubt he’ll regroup to be in fighting form for the next round.

With just three points separating the teams, it was a close race at every twist and turn. It's safe to say that both teams will be looking to sharpen their skills in case they meet again in the future.

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