The competition runs hard and fast in the fourth round of the 2017 League

Ace Karts on 9 October 2017

As Melbourne’s weather warms up, so too does our friendly rivalries. As you might expect in September, the weather was slowly warming up with not a threat of rain in the sky. With a gentle breeze throughout the evening and a few clouds dispersed overhead, it was the perfect conditions to drive in. Here’s what happened in the fourth round of the Cup:

Second Timers had the biggest win of the night with 38 points against Team Ivan, who scored just 17 points. Both Driving Miss Daisy and Team Elite finished with 29 points, beating Trinity Racing and Elevensies respectively, who both themselves scored 26 points.

It was close calls between four of the teams, and an impressive double point lead for our winners of the evening.

Race 1: Elevensies 26pts defeated by Team Elite 29pts

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Kevin Che from Team Elite dominated with an impressive race pace, claiming the new fastest lap of the League Cup at 38.413 seconds. Alex Gilmore and Doug from Elevensies worked well as a team to pull away from the pursuing Team Elite drivers, and Anna Bainbridge drove a strong race – however, Team Elite proved to be too much of force to be reckoned with.

Race 2: Trinity Racing 26pts defeated by Driving Miss Daisy 29pts

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SK Rezza from Trinity Racing took out the win in a close match. Michael Gangi and Richard Jay represented Driving Miss Daisy well, finishing a close second and third respectively. Despite the close results in this race, Trinity Racing is still well behind Driving Miss Daisy on the ladder. Time will tell whether this is a case of too little, too late.

Race 3: Second Timers 38pts defeat Team Ivan 17pts

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The third and final race of the evening was hardly a nail-biter. Second Timers dominated, leading well into the finals. Viv Dilkes from Second Timers took out a close win from teammate Simon Arnold by a close 0.136 seconds. Michael Sala from Team Ivan also drove a solid race. Despite a massive 21 points separating the two rivalries, all team members were in high spirits.

League Cup Ladder

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