Real racers aren't afraid of a little rain.

Ace Karts on 15 August 2016

  • We don't stop for a little rain
  • The karts can still hit 75km/h in the wet
  • Wet weather racing requires unique skills

Do the V8 Supercars stop for a little rain? What about the Formula One cars?

Of course they don't. Real racers race, rain or shine. That's why, at Ace Karts, we don't wave the red flag when things get damp. The racing must go on, even in the wet.

That said, racing in the wet is different to racing when it's dry. To get the fastest wet weather lap times, you have to adjust your driving style to match the conditions.

Wet weather racing provides a unique challenge for Ace Karts racers. It can even the playing field between competitors and really put your driving skills to the test.

The best racers know how to perform, in the wet and the dry.

How to run a fast lap in the wet

driving wet lap2Securing the best possible lap time, in the rain, requires drivers to take a unique approach. It's as much about mastering the kart as it is mastering the track.

In order to maximise traction, you should alter your racing line and utilise the outer sections of the track. The most important tip is to stay smooth, brake early and accelerate out of the corner.

Take extra care when accelerating and braking in the wet. Push the accelerator too aggressively and you're likely to spin your wheels. Hit the brakes too hard and you risk locking up.

The karts don't slow down in wet conditions

Wet laps are slower than dry laps, that's just a fact. In the wet there is less traction, you're more likely to slide, and you can't accelerate as hard (not unless you want to spin).

While wet laps are slower, the karts are not speed limited because of rain. You can still use our fastest karts, the super karts, and the speedometers are certainly not restricted.

In the wet, you can still hit the top speed of 75km/h, if you dare. Ensure you allow extra time for braking before heading into corners or you could end up wet, off the track and stuck in the mud.

raining track acekarts

Get wet weather ready with the right gear

The karts at Ace Karts are designed to keep the driver dry when the track is wet. Of course, if it's still raining when you take to the track, well, you're going to get wet.

Wet weather suits are available to purchase for $6.50 from the pits. However, the suits are not compulsory. It's left up to the driver's discretion whether they want to wear them or not.

Another thing to remember is that when you're blasting down a straight at 75km/h, the wind chill can be significant. We recommend wet weather drivers wear thermals, or at the very least, thick woollen socks.

Racing does stop for snow

Okay, admittedly, there are some conditions which we do close the track for. Like in today's Formula One, if conditions are deemed exceptionally bad, we call it a day.

Conditions which result in course closures include severe thunderstorms, hail, lightning strikes, as well as blizzards (however, that last one is yet to have occurred).

When it comes to racing in less than ideal conditions, our priority is always the safety of our racers. Should our safety marshalls deem conditions unsafe, we will call the drivers in.

"The best racers perform, in the wet and the dry."

Ready to try a wet lap?

If you're ready to try wet weather racing, keep your eyes on the weather report. Autumn and winter are obviously the best times to secure a wet lap.

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