Everyone loves a bargain. But what if that means reduced excitement? Or safety? Here’s where the cut-price go-kart tracks cut corners...

Ace Karts on 18 April 2016

You’ve shopped around. You’ve looked at a couple of karting centres’ websites. And after careful thought, you’ve decided to go with an indoor centre out in the sticks - mainly because it’s the cheapest one.

And that’s absolutely fine. Hey, we love a great deal too!

But there’s truth in the old saying ‘you get what you pay for.’ It’s just basic maths - if you’re saving money, somewhere along the line, the go-kart track is too.

Sure, you’ll have some fun at that cheap go-kart centre in Whoop-Whoop. But on the thrills-to-dollars scale, you may end up getting sold short. Or even worse, you could find safety isn’t exactly in pole position.

Here’s where cheap go-karting centres don’t measure up to the real thing...

Indoor karts vs outdoor karts

Indoor tracks are very tight - they’re usually four lanes wide rather than the eight-metre track you’ll find at Ace Karts. The result? Indoor tracks have to restrict the top speed of their karts. Top speeds will likely be reduced to 45km/h to 55km/h - and a short, tight track means you'll probably have little chance to test your kart's true capabilities.

Compare that to the 75km/h you can hit on our 105m straight in a SuperKart. And think about it. If you’re considering an indoor centre at the cheap end of the market, how likely is it their electric karts are top-of-the-range anyway? Not very.

It would be like choosing a milk float over a Maserati. No roar of the engine. No torque. No feeling of power at your feet. So if it’s real racing thrills you’re looking for, there’s no contest.

milk float

Your chariot awaits...

Specialist staff vs generalists

Ace Karts race mechanics are all professional go-kart racers. We’re a dedicated motorsport centre, not a general entertainment complex. So our staff aren’t the jacks-of-all-trades you’ll find at the cheap go-karting tracks; we spend 100% of our time and energy on karting and not split between running paintball, laser tag and bowling operations.

We have a dedicated race engineer who fine-tunes our karts for performance. He’ll help you get the best out your kart and give you professional advice on how it handles.

And of course, all staff are certified Level-2 first aiders. So if you’re considering a cheap go-karting track, ask them:

  1. What background do your staff members have in go-karting?
  2. Are your staff all properly trained, qualified and first-aid accredited?

If you're not satisfied with their answers, look elsewhere. It's not worth saving a fist full of dollars if it puts you at the mercy of the karting cowboys.

clint eastwood

There's money to be made in a place like this...


First-rate safety standards vs standard safety requirements

With narrow four-lane tracks, indoor karting centres don't allow much room for overtaking. Worse still, indoor tracks are usually lined with tyres. So if you misjudge a corner, you won’t spin safely off the track. You’ll spin right back into the path of other racers.

A safe go-kart track should have a proper grass run-off area flanked by professional-standard energy-absorbing crash barriers. That way, the track is properly set up to help you come to a safe stop.

By law, all go-kart tracks must supply you with a helmet. But there’s no requirement to supply you with professional-level safety harnesses. So when you opt for the cheap go-karting option, they may be passing on a saving they’ve made by providing the bare minimum in terms of safety gear.

Get the best of both worlds

There is a way to get the authentic real racing experience and still pay a discount price.

Book an Ace Karts Arrive and Drive session on any Tuesday and say “Tight Ace Tuesday” on arrival. You'll score a 20% discount on your package. Real life racing. Real life saving. How’s that for the best of both worlds?

This go-karting offer can’t be redeemed online. So call 03 9360 5005 to make your Tight Ace Tuesday booking!