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Competition Racing

Think you can drive? Prove it.

Wave goodbye to social sports. We just kicked them into touch. Say hello to your new after-work obsession. Because competitive racing is back at Ace Karts by popular demand. It's time to assemble your race team for the 2016 Ace Karts League Cup.

  • Winning Team


  • Drivers Champion


  • Fastest Lap Of The Season


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  • Rapid Finance League Cup: Grand Final Recap

    It was a fantastic night of racing as our finalists battled it out for the Grand Final win.

What's on the line? Pride. Power. And Cold, Hard Cash Prizes.

  • Tournament rules are simple. It's 5-on-5. You and your fastest four mates versus a rival team of five.

    Starting Grid

    Each round begins with a five-minute qualifier. Racers are awarded a grid position based on their qualifying time. Fastest gets pole position, slowest gets back of the pack. Main race duration is 20 minutes.


    Points are awarded to each racer based on where they finish. Each racer's points are combined to form a final team score. The team with the most points wins the round.

    1st place: 10 points
    2nd ­place: 9 points
    3rd place: ­8 points
    4th place: 7 points
    5th place: 6 points
    6th place: 5 points
    7th place: 4 points
    8th place: 3 points
    9th place: 2 points
    10th place: 1 point 

    League Ladder

    The league ladder is ordered by total race points accumulated.

    The team with the most points gets top spot.

    The League Cup Driver's Champion

    The driver with the most points at the end of the season will be named League Cup Driver's Champion.

    It's purely about the individual driver with the most points. The Driver's Champion points are accumulated over the 5 round season. (Finals excluded)

    If two or more racers tie for top spot, the winner will be determined by countback of race wins, race seconds, race thirds over the 5 round season.


    Round results, fixtures, photos, videos, news and championship tables will be updated round ­by ­round. All of this information and more will be displayed on the Ace Karts website.

  • Race Dates

    Races will be held on the following dates. And we don't stop for rain. Or hail. Or snow. Because this ain't touch football. The race is always on a Wednesday under night lights.

    League Cup 1 – SOLD OUT

    • Round 1: June 22
    • Round 2: July 6
    • Round 3: August 3
    • Round 4: September 7
    • Round 5: October 5

    League Cup 2 – SOLD OUT

    • Round 1: June 29
    • Round 2: July 13
    • Round 3: August 10
    • Round 4: September 14
    • Round 5: October 12

    Rounds 1 and 5 will feature a special reverse circuit.

    Race Times

    Teams will be allocated a match, prior to the night of the race. Six matches will be held each night. Each match includes a 5-minute qualifier and 20-minute race.


    • Match 1: Team A vs Team B starting at 6.30pm, Teams arrival time 6.00pm
    • Match 2: Team C vs Team D starting at 7.00pm, Teams arrival time 6.30pm
    • Match 3: Team E vs Team F starting at 7.30pm, Teams arrival time 7.00pm
    • Match 4: Team G vs Team H starting at 8.00pm, Teams arrival time 7.30pm
    • Match 5: Team I vs Team J starting at 8.30pm, Teams arrival time 8.00pm
    • Match 6: Team K vs Team L starting at 9.00pm, Teams arrival time 8.30pm

    Matches start at the allocated times - sharp. So arrive on time to avoid missing out.

    Race start times valid for both League Cup 1 and League Cup 2. However dates do differ. See above.

  • The top 4 teams will qualify for the League Cup Final.

    League Cup 1 and League Cup 2 Finals will be held on Wednesday, October 26.

    Time: TBA
    1st v 4th
    Winner advances to Final. 

    Time: TBA
    2nd v 3rd
    Winner advances to Final. 

    Time: TBA
    Grand Final
    Winners of Semi Final 1 and Semi Final 2 face off. Winner takes home the 2016 League Cup.

  • Ace Karts General Terms and Conditions

    When signing up for an Ace Karts driver's profile, you are agreeing to all of our normal terms and conditions, rules and regulations.

    Team Drivers and Substitutes

    Each team must nominate five drivers. However, teams can nominate a substitute if a regular driver isn't able to attend a round. To be eligible to race in the Grand Final, drivers must compete in a minimum of three rounds.

    Safety Briefing

    All drivers will attend a safety marshal briefing before each race (a safety video and verbal briefing). Drivers will be fully briefed on the rules and regulations and race formats.

    Driving Rules and Etiquette

    No Bumping – our karts are serious racing machines capable of speeds up to 75km/h. They are not dodgems. So always give your fellow drivers racing room and respect. Do not bump each other or attempt to run karts off the circuit.

    Use your brakes – brake before the corners. Excessive sliding will mean a black flag and you will be removed from the race. The fastest way around our track is to be smooth -­ the more you slide, the slower you will go.

    Click here for tips on how to best drive our track.

    Weather and Karts

    Super Karts will be used in all weather conditions. Karts will be prepared and tested by our mechanics on the day of each round.

    Kart Allocation

    On the night, karts will be randomly allocated by the Head Race Marshal.


    Safety first. Always have safety in front of your mind -­ we want everyone to have a great time and get home safely.

  • Price Per Racer

    • $50 per round & Semi Final
    • Grand Final free

    Price Per Team (Minimum payment required)

    • $250 per round
    • $250 Semi Final
    • Grand Final free

    Team Deposit (One Off)

    • $500 (covers your team's 1st & 5th round)

    Team deposit to be paid online at sign up. Deposit covers your team's first and fifth rounds. Therefore, you will not be required to pay for Round 1 and Round 5 on the night. Only one person is required to pay the deposit online.


    Registrations for the 2016 Ace Karts League Cup 2 are open until 24/06/2016 or until spots fill.

    Strictly limited to 12 spots. They sell out, you miss out.


    Each team must nominate five drivers. However, teams can nominate a substitute if a regular driver isn't able to attend a round. To be eligible to race in the Grand Final, drivers must compete in a minimum of three rounds.

  • Pride. Power. And cold, hard cash prizes. It's all up for grabs in the 2016 Ace Karts League Cup.

    Win and you'll get your name etched on the League Cup trophy. You'll also earn a place on the Ace Karts honour board. We'll even display your podium photo in our lobby for 12 months.

    Cash prizes include:

    • Winning team - $500
    • Drivers' champion - $250
    • Fastest lap of the season $100

    You'll also get a chance to take down the Aces. Our pro karting team will regularly challenge competition drivers to race for cash - and ultimate bragging rights. Plus, all racers are invited to our grand final night party.

    Wherever you finish in the standings, you're sure to have a blast getting there. Competition racing is fast and furious. This isn't your dad's social sport. It's real racing - and real fun.

    So, think you've got what it takes to take home the 2016 Ace Karts League Cup? Prove it.

    Ongoing Exclusive Benefits

    League Cup racers receive exclusive ongoing benefits at the track. They include:

    • 20% off Arrive and Drive sessions for all of 2016
    • VIP access to reverse track when released
    • Free barista-made coffee every round to warm you up
    • Premium Ace Karts FlexFit hat
    • Entry to the Grand Final night party

Call us on (03) 9360 5005 for more information.

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Got a need for speed? Our Super Kart is the one for you. Capable of hitting highway speeds, its finely-tuned Honda engine lets you feel the Super Kart's awesome power at your feet.

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Book a practice session

Racing technique a little rusty? Book your team a League Cup practice session.


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The Track

Conquer our track

Our open-air track offers thrills at every turn. Seven of them. A series of intensifying bends to test the limits of your cornering skills. Eight lanes for ample overtaking. And a 105m straight that pushes our Super Karts to their 75km/h capacity.

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