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Unlimited Night Racing

More racing than you can handle

Race as much as you physically can for three big Thursday nights in October. Burn up the track all night, from 4pm to 10pm on the 11th, 18th, and 25th of October.

  • Thursdays in October

    3 big nights

  • Race all night

    4pm - 10pm

  • Spaces are limited

    Book now

Spaces are limited. Book your spot now!

Cancel your Thursday night plans and get ready for unlimited racing. You don't want to miss out on this special event. Choose your night (or better yet, all three!) and book now.

  • Ace Karts $25 Gift Card

    Unlimited Racing October 11


  • Ace Karts $50 Gift Card

    Unlimited Racing October 18


  • Ace Karts Racing Gift Cards

    Unlimited Racing October 25


Your questions answered

  • All drivers will be driving the super karts and must be at least 12 years old and over 145cm tall to participate.

  • On Thursday nights during October 11th, 18th, 25th Arrive any time between 4pm and 10pm.

  • Ace Karts HQ. 20 Carrington Drive, Albion, VIC 3020.

  • It's going to be heaps of fun. You know that already.

  • This will depend on how many people are there on the day. We'll make every effort to ensure everyone gets plenty of time on the track.

    All sessions will be 12 minutes in duration. Drivers will be allocated to sessions according to availability and will be required to have a break in between each drive.

  • Due to the dynamic of Go-Kart racing and the Ace Karts unlimited racing offer, waiting times will vary due to demand. Every effort will be made to ensure race/session(s) start on time. Priority will be determined based on arrival time.

    Arrival time

    There will be no set arrival time. Participants can arrive at any time between 4:00 pm – 10pm. The final session will go out at 10:00 pm. You will not be able to pre-book times.

    Redeeming the offer

    This is a 1 day ticket only offer and must be redeemed between 4:00 pm – 10:00 pm any Thursday of October. You cannot transfer or credit your ticket for any other day. If you would like to participate in more than 1 Unlimited Racing Thursday in the month of October you will need to purchase a ticket for each night at $59 per person.

    Session Duration

    All sessions will be 12 minutes in duration. Drivers will be allocated to sessions according to availability and will be required to have a break in between each drive.

    Credit card request

    Ace Karts reserves the right to sight the credit card used for all online transactions. Failure to produce the card may result in cancellation of your ticket.

    Cancellation policy (Unlimited Racing offer)

    Due to this one time only event during October 11th, 18th, 25th all cancellations will result in a forfeit of payment and no refunds will be provided if you do not participate in any of the unlimited racing Thursday nights during October.

    Zero alcohol tolerance

    Zero tolerance (0.00 BAC). Don’t drink and drive.

    Ace Karts operates a strict alcohol and drug policy. If we have doubt as to a driver’s ability to drive, or believe that any driver may be under the influence of either alcohol or drugs, we will not permit that person to drive. Please note, that we will not refund or waive any fees paid or owing in the event that we disqualify a driver for the above reasons.

    Wet weather

    Ace Karts is an outdoor circuit and operates in all weather conditions. If wet weather is imminent or the track is wet, the event will still take place.

    Should we be unable to start your reservation due to severe weather and it is postponed by Ace Karts you will be required to wait for the next available session(s).

Call us on (03) 9360 5005 for more information.

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Got a need for speed? Our Super Kart is the one for you. Capable of hitting highway speeds, its finely-tuned Honda engine lets you feel the Super Kart's awesome power at your feet.

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The Track

Conquer our track

Our open-air track offers thrills at every turn. Seven of them. A series of intensifying bends to test the limits of your cornering skills. Eight lanes for ample overtaking. And a 105m straight that pushes our Super Karts to their 75km/h capacity.

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